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Secure Wireless Healthcare Network

Transforming IT for healthcare

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Prescribe peace of mind

Secure wireless healthcare network solutions help you adapt in a constantly evolving environment. Maintain the highest levels of security and reliability with innovative technology to deliver an optimal patient care experience.

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Deploy networks at scale, in minutes, to allow safe remote access to all personnel.

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Protect sensitive patient data and IT infrastructure from existing and emerging cyberthreats.

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Proactively monitor and prioritize critical medical applications to ensure quality of service.

Keep patients and staff safe

Our secure wireless healthcare network solutions utilize a customizable platform with built-in integrations. We have an entire marketplace with turnkey applications for IT and patient-care outcomes, including solutions for COVID-19 related or other critical scenarios:

  • Occupancy management
  • Contact tracing
  • Safe wayfinding and navigation
  • Contactless engagement
Kepp Patients Safe
IT Management

The worry-free way to manage IT

Risk mitigation is a top priority for healthcare organizations, from IT to patient care. Do more with less and reduce errors from complex configurations with our intuitive dashboard and diagnostics. Our secure wireless healthcare network solutions simplify IT, allowing you to quickly and securely adapt as needs change.

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