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Meraki Education Network Solutions

Keep your educators, faculty and students fully connected & secured, no matter where they are.

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Secure connections from anywhere

Facilitating effective learning while keeping students and educators mentally and physically healthy in a highly turbulent environment is no easy task. Our meraki network solutions for primary education are built for the flexibility you require.

Build a hybrid campus

Gain efficiencies through an agile network that can support students and faculty in the classroom and at home, from anywhere, on any device.

  • Cloud-based mobile device management enables secure, manageable device deployments
  • Wi-Fi, both indoors and out, provides higher performance and greater efficiency, even in high-density environments like schools
Hybrid Campus
Remote Networks

Connect remote networks securely

Find peace of mind in protecting your students and staff while they connect remotely.

  • Tunneled SSIDs provide seamless remote school network access
  • Security and content filtering set-up only takes minutes

Enable a distributed workforce

Keep your educators and faculty fully connected and enabled with our meraki education network solutions for primary education.

  • Deployment time decreases for wireless, switching, security, and cellular technologies
  • Secure remote access to sensitive data ensures policy compliance
Distributed Workforce
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