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Cloud Managed Wireless WAN

Everything you need to effectively unlock the power of connectivity across your organization.

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Cloud Managed Wireless WAN, effortless, reliable connectivity anywhere

Deliver consistent performance for business-critical operations with MG cellular gateways by extending primary or failover cellular connectivity anywhere with ease and at any scale.

Key Benefits

Key Benefits

Maximize business uptime

Enable uninterrupted connectivity through auto-SIM failover with just one click for optimal switching between SIM cards of two different carriers based on performance or data cap.

Expedite deployments

Instantly provision cellular connectivity at new or existing locations with SIM activation to power all the network devices that keep businesses up and running, without waiting for broadband or change in infrastructure.

Optimize connectivity

Ensure consistent high-performance for cloud-driven bandwidth-intensive applications at the branch, remote, or even rural and hard-to-reach sites challenged with limited or suboptimal choices through primary connection.

Power your cloud managed wireless WAN on the most trusted cloud platform

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Centralized cloud-managed cellular

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Unmatched deployment flexibility

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Instant zero-touch provisioning out-of-the-box

Cellular Deployment

Cellular deployments don’t get any simpler

MG makes it faster to extend connectivity anywhere and upgrade or replace legacy systems without much hassle by seamlessly transposing a wireless cellular signal to wired Ethernet.

Save hours of IT troubleshooting by remotely monitoring both live and historical stats such as signal quality, signal strength, loss, and latency for up to 30 days in the past.

Maximize cellular performance with real-time access to signal strength in the dashboard by optimally positioning MG away from a weak signal in the network closet to near a window or even outdoors.

Meraki cellular gateways are IP67 rated for outdoor use and harsh environments, eliminating the additional investment in ruggedized models.

Built to fit in

The MG Cellular Gateway effortlessly slots into your existing infrastructure, regardless of what it may be. Pair the MG with any router downstream to deliver primary or failover cellular support.

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Cellular Gateway
Cellular Advantage

The cellular advantage never ends

Higher Efficiency

Maximize the achievable speed of 1.2 Gbps on the next-gen MG through its support for up to five simultaneous carrier aggregation. It can universally operate anywhere with support for carriers, roaming, and major bands worldwide on a single model.

Extra resiliency

Easily manage cellular performance and minimize dependency on unreliable or unpredictable regional connectivity by remotely configuring SIM card settings and monitoring real-time stats such as radio, network, and data sessions.

More flexibility

Enhance performance based on business needs through built-in and optional external antenna options. Easily install MG on a wall, ceiling, pole, or tabletop where the signal strength is the best with the multi-surface mounting bracket to amplify connectivity.

A unified experience

The MG family is managed from an elegant and intuitive centralized interface.

Whether you’re starting your Meraki journey with MG or advancing your current deployment, you’re investing in a proven platform with unprecedented visibility and management.

Unified Experience

Cloud Managed Wireless WAN gives you everything needed to effectively unlock the power of cellular connectivity across your organization.

Centralized Management Icon

Centralized management

Seamlessly manage thousands of cellular gateways across distributed locations from a single-pane-of-glass.

Ip67 Icon

IP67 rated

MG Cellular Gateways are suitable for outdoor use, having been tested for dust and moisture.

Cellular Modem Icon

Cellular modem

Integrated CAT6 cellular modem with up to 300Mbps.

Mounting Icon

Multiple mounting options

A multi-surface mounting bracket (included) allows for simple attachment to a wall, ceiling, pole, or tabletop.

Antennas Icon

Internal and external antennas

The external models include dipole antennas, and a patch atenna is available as an accessory to improve signal strength with directional focus.

Dual Power Icon

Dual power options

Power cellular gateways using DC or PoE.

SIM Card Icon

Nano SIM card slot

Simply insert a certified carrier nano SIM card for cellular connectivity.

Telemetry Icon

Cellular telemetry

Remotely monitor key cellular information, such as cellular modem ID, and signal strength.

Wireless WAN

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